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In the spirit of free and open source software the central topic of this site is to make my research open to the public. My methodology is freely available via the internet, along with any data or results extracted or derived from them. This permits collaboration, which anyone may participate at any level of the project. So feel free to contribute on Github.

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What is…

Twilio allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs. Twilio’s services are accessed over HTTP and are billed based on usage.

Cost (example from UK), probably outdated (from 2012)

So to run an outbound text message campaign to support a new album launch, hitting 100.000 fans would cost:



Marketing opportunities

Business ideas


“Young Guns” Case Study.

Twilio powered voicemail service. Fans call the Young Guns voicemail number, leave their message for the band, and call recordings are captured by Twilio. The calls are automatically transcribed by Twilio to provide call text and the MP3 recording of the call is passed to SoundCloud for hosting.

Fans can listen to each others messages, and Young Guns pick their favorite calls per week and give out prizes and call back fans directly for money can’t buy experiences.

Fan recordings could easily be automatically posted into Artist Faceboo timelines or other social media platforms to extend the reach and community engagement.

Get a phone call from your idols

Incentivize fans to sign up for services or make purchases to receive a call from their favorite artist. There are different ways to achieve this using Twilio. For example:

  1. The artist pre-records a phone call and Twilio can be used to place an automated outbound call to the fan base at a pre determined time and date e.g. Christmas Day, fan Birthday. This call could be a personalised message, general update from the artist or include previews of new releases, etc.

  2. The artist could place alive outbound call to interact directly with fans for additional wow factor. Using Twilio this call can be made anonymously so no caller ID is passed to the fan.

  3. Create on the fly conference calls to bring multiple fans into the same phone call.

Twilio can also record the outbound call from the Artist to enable gifting the fan with a memento of their call, giving the fan the ultimate social currency and bragging rights with their friends.

Offers and promotions via text message, like pre sales

Drive sales of new releases, tickets, merchandise via text message.
5.9 million people actively use SMS in the world. That is 6 times higher than Facebook, 3 times higher than TV, 2.5 times higher than email.

The average SMS message open rate is 5 times higher than email, with a 21% higher response rate vs. email. Amazingly on average SMS messages are opened 34,560 times faster than email. (5 seconds vs. 48 hours) - very important for ticket sales for example.

Simply via Twilio you can deliver SMS messages containing links to your content or promotion. By using or similar services, you can also get full analytics on your campaign.

Gig & venue interactivity

Capitalise on downtime at gigs and venues by offering interactive services, powered by Twilio numbers.

Often at venues the shear number of people or the nature of the venue make mobile data or venue WiFi impossible to use, rendering mobile apps useless. By creating services using text or voice you maximise the opportunity for people to engage without frustration. Examples could be text to giant screen, song request to DJ, audience voting and polling, sign up to mailing lists, receive content, enter competitions.

Mashups with other services

At its core, Twilio is simply an API.

This means it plays nice with any other service out there that also offers APIs. Combining Twilio with one or more services creates a world of possibilities.

For example:
Soundcloud phone call by Syd Lawerence. Pick any recording hosted on Soundcloud amd make a Twilio powered call to any phone number you like, automatically playing that file over the call.

Spotify jukebox by Stevie Graham.
Text in song requests to a Twilio number to automatically add that request to the Spotify play queue Perfect for public venues. Can be extended to allow people to vote up or down tracks in the play queue.

Quotes & Notes

The idea is that Twilio can perform the complex translation of different kind of calls or messages in the cloud. A regular phone call from a landline, a VoIP call from softphone client or a WebRTC call from a browser could all pass through Twilio’s application programming interfaces (APIs) and connect as a SIP-based call on an office extension. “Twilio sits in the middle, allowing you to mix and match all these forms of communication,” Schiavone said.

Source: Twilio’s new SIP service links developers to enterprise phone networks

Was haben bekannte Webdienste wie LinkedIn, Airbnb, Hulu, Zendesk und Quora gemeinsam? Sie alle setzen für Telefonie- bzw. SMS-Dienste auf die Schnittstellen des aus San Francisco stammenden Cloud-Communications-Anbieter Twilio.

Source: Europa-Expansion: Twilio liefert Telefonie- und SMS-Funktionen aus der Cloud