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In the spirit of free and open source software the central topic of this site is to make my research open to the public. My methodology is freely available via the internet, along with any data or results extracted or derived from them. This permits collaboration, which anyone may participate at any level of the project. So feel free to contribute on Github.

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State Machine

A new feature in Framer 3, the state machine is incredibly powerful and useful. It allows you to add multiple states to a layer. Think of a state as a set of one or more properties for the layer. A layer can have multiple states, you can add and remove them, and switch or animate between states. All of the states for a layer can have the same animation properties as well, such as the animation curve. You can access any state for a layer at any time. Layers also have a ‘default’ state as well, which are the properties of the layer at time of creation.

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