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In the spirit of free and open source software the central topic of this site is to make my research open to the public. My methodology is freely available via the internet, along with any data or results extracted or derived from them. This permits collaboration, which anyone may participate at any level of the project. So feel free to contribute on Github.

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Using bots for automatization


Group chat (chat room) in ichat using google talk

These are the steps:

  1. Generate a UUID, by the command-line uuidgen in Terminal or by a web generator.
  2. In iChat, File > Go to Chat Room and as room name enter where UUID is the UUID you just generated. An example for a possible room name:
  3. You can also check the autojoin checkbox when adding a chat room which will automatically open the group chat when you sign into ichat

Jabber Bots



Adapters are the interface to the service you want your hubot to run on.

There are a couple more adapters available e.g. Twilio, Skype, Yammer etc.

Interesting scripts

You can get a complete overview at the Hubot Script Catalog.

Hubot commands


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